For employers

Staffista s.r.o. offers professional teams of technicians, electricians, isolation fitters and engineers of EU countries to perform the following projects:

Installation and maintenance of air conditioning, heating, cooling and ventilation systems (HVAC):

  • Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment including electronic and mechanical part
  • Installation of air duct systems, including Spiro-pipes and sheet metal structures
  • Installation of AC rooms

Electrical Installation and Retrofit such as

  • pulling and connecting cables
  • automation
  • connecting switch and control cabinets
  • connecting engines
  • connecting transformers and other industrial equipment.


  • Sound insulation
  • Cold/frost insulation
  • Pipe insulation
  • Tanks/boilers insulation

Staffista s.r.o. offers qualified technical specialists of the following professions for industry from non EU
countries (mainly Belorussia and Ukraine):

  • 7212 welders, flame cutters and pliers
  • 7222 toolmakers, metalworkers, locksmiths
  • 7223 tool setters of machines including CNC
  • 7231 mechanics and repairmen of vehicles
  • 7241 Electromechanics, repairmen of electrical equipment.

The term of providing respective specialist is 4-5 months after signing of Framework Agreement
between the Agency and further Employer.